the retention of childhood characteristics in adulthood.


"Genre bending NE0 10Y is not staying quiet in this political climate." - Billboard, 2018

"Multi-tasking and multi-talented." - L'Officiel, 2018


“Viral sensation. Fantastic tracks.” - Gay Times, 2018


“Polished, refined, cinematic.” - The Undscvrd, 2017


“Thankfully, NEO 10Y's activism through art seems to be getting out there,

as "AMERIKKKA" was played at the Tom Ford party during London Men's Fashion Week. 

Let's just hope the message is heard.”

- Interview Magazine, 2016


“Good Vibes, Deep Message, Pure Talent.”

- AFROPUNK, 2017


“Anonymous artist NEO 10Y interlaces activism with music,

and it's causing a commotion.”



“Conversations to provoke change and inspire “

- Bullett Magazine, 2016


"Incognito vigilante musician NEO 10Y’s unique brand

of lyrical political activism seemed like the perfect fit.”

- XXY Magazine, 2016